Window of Remembrance

  • © Jürgen Hohmuth/Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
Window of Remembrance |0:57 min

This site is dedicated to the 138 people who lost their lives at the Berlin Wall.
The column bares the names of eight border soldiers who were either shot or fatally injured while on duty.

Have you noticed the Window of Remembrance? It honors the 130 people who are known to have died at the Wall in connection with the border regime – for example during an attempted escape. This commemorative “window” presents pictures of the people who died. Their names and birth and death dates are also shown. This allows each victim to be remembered individually here. Relatives of the victims often place flowers or stones at this site or they light a candle. You have probably noticed that not every niche has a photo. Some of the niches were intentionally left empty since additional victims may be discovered and added in the future.