The Chapel of Reconciliation

  • The bricked up Reconciliation Church, 1962
    © Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
Pfarrer Helmut Hildebrandt |1:14 min

“Brutally robbed of the parish”

Church consecration festival on September 3, 1961 in the Reconciliation Church, Pastor Helmut Hildebrandt (Live recording: Jörg Hildebrandt)

And now, today, on September 3rd of the year 1961, we celebrate our church consecration festival. Our church consecration festival now of course under completely different circumstances and it is once again the case that I have been, in a certain way at least, brutally robbed of my position as pastor of the Reconciliation parish, since as you know, the 97 percent of our congregation over there, the 7,000 West Berliners, will have to see how they manage without their pastor, and they will indeed manage, God willing. We have heard that the forces of the laity there have already joined together to keep things running and gradually the church leadership will also see to it that a decent pastor takes over the position and administrates the parish over there.